Before we consciously act or react, what physical senses - or even more intriguing - emotional senses come into play? This piece is an exploration into a circumstance where the physical and emotional exertion required to accomplish ascension and descension manifests itself in abstract forms.
Trans/Trance is a large scale installation, With a titular play on the words “transit” and “trance”. The installation consists of seven bands of red steel, spilling down from the top of the 23’ wall, illuminated by a red neon light.
Project Year
22’ x 16’ 6” x 1’
aluminum, paint, fluorescent light, spikes
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
"The word ‘feel’ can refer both to a tactile or an emotional state."
Reading the piece from left to right, we can trace the movement, in a succession of moments, as the red band slides down the wall, leaving a record of it’s transition in space as a braille script. The red spiked Braille script - a language where one derives meaning by feeling - measures the fall with a marker at each foot in height. At the late stages, we can see the bands reaching back upwards after they have traversed the ground plane.
Red spikes outlining the braille script