Such material attributes have the ability to create strong visceral responses in the viewer. Whether it is through the use of inherent tactile qualities of each substance, or the tension that is created by the juxtaposition or the forcing of partnerships between different materials, the language afforded is one that provides an abundance of experiential possibilities.
Let's Roll, 2018 - Fabrication
Let's Roll, 2018 - Powder-Coating
“Sometimes certain attributes of a particular material resonate strongly with me.”
In addition to these inherent attributes, materials also construct a wide range of associations in the artist's work. Weather it is cloth, steel or salt, the dialogue that forms between the materials and the observer is one of the main carriers of meaning and inquiry. Such associations can be interpreted both globally and on an individual level.
Aprons - 2003
“Using an unrestricted selection of materials allows me to access unexpected visual experiences.”
Let's Roll, 2018 - Powder-Coating