The Mark of the Question

A public art piece displayed at the Vancouver Public Library, The Mark of the Question was created as a commentary on the core of human consciousness and of how we come to know what we know.
The upper part of the question mark is made of a series of translucent blue aluminum sheets each with a rectangular hole cut out. The dot below is an orb of grass; a mesh sphere coated with soil and planted seed.
Project Year
21’ x 12.5’ x 2.5’
aluminum, sod
Moat Gallery, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver BC, Canada
Project Status
“The question mark itself, ideographically, is a variant of the ideogram for a complete wave (~) that has been oriented vertically; symbolizing the dimension between known and the unknown. Answers come to us from analyzed information but also from unidentified sources as we arrive at solutions.”
Site installation of the piece