Let`s Roll

Marie Khouri
Placed in a Richmond residential development are three discs at 8’, 10’ and 12 feet in height. Coloured in orange-red with mirrored stainless steel edges, they welcome the urge to explore, climb, celebrate and play.
Project Year
8’, 10’ and 12’
stainless steel
Richmond, BC Canada
Project Status
“We wanted the piece to be playful, interesting and visible from a distance.”
Initial Rendering of the sculpture
The smallest disc is donut shaped with the hole at seating height. The medium disc is sliced in half and leans slightly outwards, leaving a path big enough for children to pass through. The largest disc has three shapes cut out of it - a triangle, a square and a rectangle providing access and views. The forms lean at a various angles from one another creating a collective momentum and motion.