3,800 black carbon fiber rods, hang from the ceiling, just skimming the floor. The walls are painted black but a streak of light is reflected off of the carbon fiber rods in every direction and at the viewer’s eye level.
Here is an invitation to an experience in shifting perspectives; a reoccurring theme in the artist’s body of work. The installation attempts to disturb the sense of place for observers stepping inside this space by enveloping them in an dense array of black lines.
Project Year
Back wall: 169” x 80”,
Front opening: 242” x 90”,
Depth: 195”
ceiling panels: 48 variable size fibre glass panels,
3800 black Carbon fibre rods
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
Side walls painted in black
Situated in a room with angled walls, ceiling and floor, the array of rods is formed to create two walkways that reveal themselves only upon a closer observation. The two walkways converge at the back of the room, where a small opening in the back wall contains an acrylic plaque inscribed with the word “Here”.
Floor plan of the installation showing the density of carbon fibres and the converging paths.
“If you looked at the carbon fibre from different angles, everything appeared to be shifting.”