Flying Lesson 2

Six pairs of red ceramic footprints, ranging in color from red to white are installed above a 9’ by 18’ water-filled, dark steel trough. The footprints are stacked in multiples, with the count of the stack increasing progressively as we move towards the back of the piece. The seventh pair is highest and it is made of chrome-plated steel. At the end of the water-filled channel, a bright neon light illuminates the piece with a cyan tinted glow.
Project Year
clay, steel, chrome, water,
fluorescent light, blue gel
Project Status
Detail of the white ceramic footsteps
I wanted to explore the idea of “The seven steps to enlightenment” which is a prevalent idea in many eastern philosophies, and represent it as a tactile set of footprints.”
The polished chrome material, used in the last pair, reflects everything around it, it’s own form almost disappearing as a result.
“The mirrored surface of the chromed pieces was a good metaphorical representation of the last step of dissolution, free of desire or suffering.”