Fabrication MMII

Fabrication MMII is comprised of wooden pieces and foam, formed into what appears as a brick and mortar wall construction.
The “bricks” are handcrafted from birch wood and the “mortar” made of grey sheets of foam. Interspersed among the wooden bricks are a number of bricks made from cast and compressed salt.
Project Year
10’6” x 6’ x 4’
birch, wax, salt, steel, foam
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
“Between our unconscious - that subtly slips us information or withholds it - and our conscious intelligence – which accepts or discards this information - is a fascinating “membrane”; the mental lining from which we judge reality itself.”
Arrangement of wax inserts at the back of the piece
With a subtle difference in texture, the salt bricks visually merge with the rest of the bricks on the front of the piece, however as we turn around to inspect the back of the wall, we are confronted by a number of the wooden bricks filled with a red wax.

The wooden bricks filled with blood red wax, provoke an imagery of wounds and question the protective qualities of the wall. Upon careful examination, the wall reveals itself differently than what it presents itself to be.
“The wall seemed to be quite stable, but when touched, it would gently sway from side to side, without collapsing. It became something other than a wall, and almost felt like a wave.”
Detail of the salt brick and the foam grout