This piece investigates the changing relationship between the form and materiality of language. What affect does mode of communication have on the way we perceive or experience information?
Within the carefully structured composition of randomly placed letters, sentences in white appear, reading:

This is not news.
This is not a novel.
This is not a contract or a last will.
This is the alphabet.

This poem is being communicated to us not only through the letterpress pieces, but also through its binary code translation displayed on the screen.
Project Year
The three major components of this installation are brass letterpress letters, five 6”x 72” glass panels, and an 85” QLED screen.
Vancouver, BC
Project Status
Alphabet _ Paul Kyle Gallery _ Vancouver
Detail image of "Alphabet" _ Paul Kyle Gallery _ Vancouver
A little more about the letters:
Originating from New York, these pieces were used as moulds to cast letterpress types. Their copper and zinc ratios vary, creating an interesting array of golds. The types themselves are usually cast in lead.
"I am interested in materials that have a history, that is, a previous life. I try to hear this history and respond to it with my art."