Sudden Burst of Steam

Sudden Burst of Steam is an interpretation of artist Jeff Wall’s Sudden Gust of Wind, which itself is an interpretation of Travellers Caught in a Sudden Breeze at Ejiri by the Japanese painter and printer maker, Katsushika Hokusai.
An exploration of artistic re-appropriation, the piece is a re-imagination of the succession of the original works and examines the trajectory of the first two pieces in a third iteration.
Project Year
transparency, anodized aluminum, electricity
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
In this installation, a pedestal, made of two anodized aluminum stands, rise up to hold an enclosure set on plexiglass with a light-box displaying a single photographic slide.
The slide is from a family vacation many years ago; a visit to the famous geyser, Old Faithful, where the artists’ daughter was captured walking along the wooden boardwalk, while plumes of steam rise up from the earth, and clouds float across a blue sky.