Ruth Beer
Ribbon is an iconic sculpture installed in a public courtyard as a colourful beacon. The installation is a metaphor for physical movement and creative endeavours; a perfect home for this collaboration by Charlotte Wall and Ruth Beer for the South Surrey Community Centre.
Project Year
13’ x 11’ x 28’ 6”
1” thick steel, 4 colours of paint
South Surrey, BC Canada
Commissioned By
South Surrey Community Center
Project Status
Deeply influenced by the history of the local First Nations people, the sculpture recognizes the historical Semiahmoo Trail by creating a path in the form of metal ribbon that exuberantly rises and falls, turns and twists in the space of the plaza.
The ribbon as a symbol has ties to celebrations in many cultures and festivities. Placed in a central location at the entrance, the sculpture is visible from various distances and vantage points whether driving or walking.