Proceed with Caution

The nature of forced constraint, is an uncomfortable, undesirable condition. In Proceed with Caution, a room is divided into six unequal spaces with several rows of stacked mono-filament lines. Lines are stretched across the room in perpendicular angles, creating a web of coloured blue-green, dark green and gold. The almost invisible fishing lines, amplify the feeling of disorientation and entanglement as the observer moves within the space.
Project Year
room 16’ x 24’
dimensions variable
filament, bound garments
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
“I was, at the time, wrapping stuff. My attention was drawn to the notion of 'wrapping'.”
At the back of the room are five jackets, bound with twine, constraining their bodies in varying degrees. Three of the jackets are bound tightly together, reminiscent of body bags or straitjackets, into incapacitated, static and immobile forms.
A fourth jacket has a freed sleeve penetrated by three strands. The constricting rope has come undone on the fifth jacket, allowing movement towards a deep indigo-blue vertical strip in the corner.