Ruth Beer
Orbit, a collaboration with co-artist Ruth Beer, invites interpretation through its distinct abstraction. With uplifting hues reminiscent of space-age colours, and through an inviting form, Orbit can be interpreted as an ode to us from visitors of another world.
Five orbs are suspended in the air by an aluminum pole and two unattached orbs are placed on the ground near the pole. Four of the orbs are painted in pearlescent white while two others are painted in a golden yellow. A single bronze orb is settled on the ground beside the golden yellow orb.
Project Year
Tree: 14’ 7” app. Width 6’ app. Depth 6’ app.
Fruit: Height 4’ app. Widht 8’ app. Depth 8’ app.
spun aluminum, aluminum, paint
1633 Odin Rd., Richmond BC Canada
Commissioned By
Concord Pacific
Project Status
Placement of the pieces in the courtyard
Closeup of the top forms
Orbit was commissioned by Concord Pacific for a residential development in Richmond, BC. It was placed in an intersection along a pedestrian pathway as a large place marker. The objective of the installation was to create a place of tranquility and thoughtfulness where the community could enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens while experiencing the sculpture.
“You can’t make it too obstructive because of the residential setting. You have to be quite subtle.”
“We deliberated a long time about the colours. We wanted it to be ethereal and the gold was referring to the richness that could result from such spacial interventions”.