Memory of Loss and Loss of Memory

Through the experience of loss, memories of that loss are formed and then, as part of the human experience, we may lose that memory.
This installation aims to juxtapose, memories held in the individual body as it goes through transition with that which the society collectively remembers or forgets.
Project Year
cast salt block, wood log, wooden boardwalk planks, transparencies, sound
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
Long, reclaimed wooden planks from an ocean boardwalk - naturally aged with salt and water - form a pathway. Inserted in the planks are three back-lit images of eyes from three generations of people, a child, a mother and a grandmother.
Back lit photographs mounted into the ground
A cast was crafted from the bark of a large tree, and highly saturated salt water was poured into the bark mold. Three logs of cast salt are placed along the pathway and the wooden log is placed off of the main path. A highly corrosive material, the salt ‘logs’ bore a fragile imprint of the original tree.
A faint sound of voices is heard as the observer passes near the images of the eyes.