Fire Bird

The story of the firebird reflects the tenacity and resilience of human nature. Our capacity to recover after loss and create life once more; where the redemptive quality of creativity stands in contrast to humanity’s destructive tendencies.
In this installation, a rising phoenix is drawn on five sheets of cellophane. The suspended sheets are Illuminated from the floor, and a projection of the image rises 25 feet high on the walls of the gallery. The piece is accompanied by a recording of Stravinsky’s “Firebird”.
Project Year
app. 5’ x 8’
painted image on acetate, acrylic, light projection
Project Status
the piece animates on the surrounding walls
“There was a gentle current of air which swayed the cellophane slightly, giving the effect of the bird’s wings moving.”
Reflection of the cellophane on the wall
Reflection of the cellophane on the wall