Do they talk much

“Do They Talk Much” is a physical expression of the beautiful and dangerous allure of addictive substances.
Project Year
floor piece – 6’ x 20”, corner piece – 6’ x 20”
metal wire, etched perspex, glass beads
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
“Having witnessed and experienced the feelings of despair and alienation present in an addictive lifestyle, this piece shows the seduction, the entrapment and the ultimate deterioration and possible death of the addicted individual.”
The use of materials and space combine to elicit feelings of being enclosed, alienated, trapped and compelled. The installation draws parallels to the mental condition and the physical path of addiction by utilizing the physical attributes of the assemblage. Silver wire is woven together in two wire frames of 6’ x 20’; one placed horizontally on the floor leading to the other frame in the corner. A feature resembling a mouth is cut out of the top, creating sharp prongs painted in an seductive red color ready to cause pain. “Do they talk much” is poised on the lips, inviting the observer to experience, interpret and complete the art.
Detail view of the top of the sculpture