Inside the width of a shotgun shell - 13/16ths of an inch - lies the capacity to terminate a life. This installation reflects the element of destruction and killing that pervades humanity’s existence.
Two-hundred and forty-seven red, loaded shotgun shells are suspended in a wire mesh frame above 20,000 brightly coloured empty shells, freeze framing the moment before the violent explosion and its spent aftermath. The four quadrants of the suspended cross, mirror humanity’s violent reach in all directions. On the floor, the pattern is inverted with complementary empty space to the cross suspended above. A literal void of answers to the questions of why humans deliver death upon each other..
Project Year
12’ x 12’ x 12’
wire grid, 20000 empty shot-gun shells, 247 loaded shot-gun shells
Vancouver, BC Canada
Project Status
Detail of the encased bullets
Empty shells arranged on the floor
“I wanted to make it beautiful and lethal at the same time.”